Would you choose a thousand words or one image to show people what you aspire for and what drives you? What scares you and what kind of change you wish for? We chose to open Our Endowment with an image! We hand over our site to socially engaged photos and posters of Serbian visual artists. We don’t want to show their best works, nor artists choices. We want to show you images that makes us think and act, ones that better than us tell you a story about what we want from Our Endowment and what it symbolizes. Enjoy!

Our exibition

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Our Exibition

Welcome to Our Endowement!

The place to meet, make friends and associates, to freely exchange opinions, open to all. Our Endowement is a space for joint work of citizens and organizations of civil society, for developing new ideas, initiatives and actions.
With the spirit of tolerance, solidarity and cooperation, Our Endowement will provide space for the free work of civil society organizations on the development of basic democratic principles and civic activism in Serbia.
We want you to feel at home in Our Endowement – for it will be.

About us

Our Endowment is a new model of linking organizations, which due to their long-standing autonomous work have become pioneers of struggle to increase transparency and accountability of governmental institutions, socially responsible role of media and civic activism.

BIRN, CRTA and Trag Foundation have established the first Endowment established by legal entities in Serbia – Our Endowment: Civil Society House.

Through the work of Endowment we want to bring closer to the citizens values and principles we believe in, which we represent in Serbia and which we want to transfer to new generations. We want Serbia governed by Law and justice, we want open and responsible institutions and open-minded and active citizens.

Through its work Our Endowment will promote the values of charity, volunteerism, solidarity and support to other organizations and initiatives, transparency of financing and democratic governance.


Our Endowment presents potential to develop new models of financial and social sustainability, and to gain larger support from citizens for values that democratic civil society is striving for – through more open and transparent communication with them.

Endowment is designed as financially self-sustainable model and the promoter of social entrepreneurship as well as the new, innovative approach of civil society organisations in communicating with citizens.

The premises as well as initial resources invested in new models of social enterprises will enable the financial autonomy of Endowment and its programs, the autonomy of the founder- organizations, as well as the implementation of programs aimed at building trust among the citizens and supporting wider civil society – civic initiatives, individuals and organizations that need support.


Managing Board

Ana Firtel,
Independent member of MB

Dragana Žarković Obradović,
Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Serbia

Biljana Dakić Đorđević,
Executive Director,
Trag foundation

Executive Director

Pavle Dimitrijević


Support us

If you would like to contribute and support launching of Our Endowement you can do that by donating your time, knowledge, skills, money or goods. Contact us

Our current needsQuantity
Office space to buy in central Belgrade 800-1000m2

We would like to thank for the support to:

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While we are searching for adequate space for Our Endowement we are open for communication with citizens and media.
Contact us at email

Улица Лорем Ипсум 45
11000 Београд
011 123 4567